Halloween - Unmasking Hellnight (DVD)
Is Halloween a harmless celebration or do the gates of hell really open on October 31st?
$24.95  $21.50
Vampires and Werewolves: Real or Fake? (DVD)
Right now these supernatural creatures are a sensation in the media. Is this something Believers need to be concerned with?
Interview with an Ex-Vampire (9 DVDs)
This is an unprecedented 9-hour+ DVD interview with Bill Schnoebelen containing details of his amazing testimony of deliverance from witchcraft, Satanism and numerous other cults.
$39.47  $37.47
Shattering Strongholds of ADDICTION
Scriptural strategies to Freedom from the torment of addiction! How to vanquish addiction's dark entities, bring down strongholds and walk in liberty!
Churchcraft: Wicca, Christianity and the End of Days
The ancient religion of Witchcraft is rising up to destroy the church. What can be done to stop it?
$25.95  $24.95
Dark Roots, Withered Souls (DVD)
A major new teaching on elements of emotional healing that often must follow deliverance
$19.85  $17.95
Blood on the Doorposts
Many have called this book a "graduate level course in spiritual warfare and prayer ministry!"
$16.95  $12.50
Resisting unto Blood (DVD)
Forged-in-the-fire revelations from the Holy Spirit - NEW Biblical weapons & vital tactical warfare for the End Times!
Entertaining Dark Angels - Media - Spiritual Warfare - Biblical Choices (DVD)
There are the powerful connections between spiritual warfare strategies and entertainment choices.
$21.95  $18.95
Freemasonry: Fatal in the First Degree
An important question is: "How dangerous really IS Masonry in the lower degrees?"
$24.95  $22.95
Lucifer Dethroned (Book)
An extraordinary testimony of Jesus out of Satanism, witchcraft, voodoo and even Vampirism!
$16.95  $12.50
Masonry: Beyond the Light - Book
Bill, a former 32nd degree Mason, Rosicrucian and Knight Templar, establishes the historical occult roots of Masonry in fertility cults and Illuminism.
$12.95  $11.50
Exposing the Illuminati from Within (Expanded) 2 DVD set
Four Powerful hours of teaching! Bill reveals hidden components of Satan's "New World Order" for these last days from a former insider's point of view!
Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie
The truth behind "white" witchcraft and "Earth Religions" which are becoming so popular among our young people.
$11.95  $10.25
Catholicism: The Church on Haunted Hill 2011- (DVD)
Bill brings 30 years of experience in Catholicism to examine the Biblical nature of the Roman church
$23.47  $22.25