PILLARS of POWER (DVD) NEW! PRE-ORDER NOW Through Nov 22, 2018!

PILLARS of POWER (DVD) NEW! PRE-ORDER NOW Through Nov 22, 2018!

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PILLARS of POWER will be released November 22nd! Pre-Order NOW with a Gift of Just $22.99.


PILLARS of POWER (DVD) from With One Accord Ministries reveals Divine Foundations for all Believers, Prayer Warriors and Intercessors to lift your prayers (as sweet smelling incense) with excellence before Abba’s Throne. Acquire more RUACH (Holy Spirit) FIRE so prayers move swiftly into His Courts with purity and efficiency! Start battering down the gates of hell and set loose those trapped in captivity! In this very special DVD Teaching, Dr. Schnoebelen shares Abba’s towering PILLARS of POWER - helping you implement them to unlock your birthright in Messiah Yahushua!

With over 30 years experience in Set Apart, anointed ministry, Spiritual Warfare and intercession, Dr. Schnoebelen is blessed to share this powerful teaching on supernatural combat for these troubling End Times. WOAM wants YOU to rise through heavenly dimensions and ignite Ruach (Set Apart Spirit) FIRE to strengthen your own zeal and faith - THEN, be equipped to step up in Messiah’s Victory and declare all fortresses of the enemy ‘crumble and fall’ with resolute, Scripturally-girded confidence! 

ALL PROCEEDS from this DVD Teaching go to the outreaches and support of With One Accord Ministries. All materials are copyrighted. For permissions to reuse, replicate or reproduce any portion of this video including images or audio tracts, please contact WITH ONE ACCORD MINISTRIES.