Mary, I just finished listening to Bill's message I am so blessed and humbled before YAH. Thank you for these mighty prayers. I know most of them, and they touch my spirit deeply..YAH bless and keep you both. JBR

If any one is anointed, and knows about spiritual warfare, it is most definitely, Dr. Bill! M.B.

Shabbat Shalom Mary and Dr Bill. Just finish watching 'the battle axe of YHWH."Thank you very much for teaching us. - M.L.

I'm listening to Bills teaching on Battle Axe of Yahuwah right now it's so GOOD! :) No matter what teaching it is he always makes me laugh with a phrase he uses or something- I really enjoy listening he uses easy words that keep my attention & don't confuse me or cause me to daydream off! MH

Thank you so much [For Prayers on the website.]. I have prayed them before but it's been awhile and it's time to print them out and do them more often! For about 6 months this past year I had a crippling spirit of fear...I asked Mary Schnoebelen what to do...she told me to read your BOTD book, among a few other things..like cast out the spirit of fear. It's been several months and I have been a completely different person.Your ministry is so invaluable to me...I pray whenever I see you ask. You guys have made a prayer warrior out of me...thank you, thank you, thank you. I am seeing the POWER of God for the first time in my life. S.T.

Hello Mary! My Husband and I have recently found With One Accord Ministries. It has been a BLESSING to our family! Your willingness to speak truth has changed our lives. Thank you! I'm prayerfully seeking the Ruach to lead me in making decisions to be a set apart woman of Yahuwah. May I ask your opinion on ear piercings? I am desperately seeking truth. Thanks in advance! Anon

Bill and Mary
again I want to thank you for your exposing of the works of the adversary and giving believers the tools to be victorious and may El Elyon (the Most High) richly bless you both and your minsitry. It helps parents and grandparents to be on the alert during these dark times on the planet. PM
(Feb 2016) Regarding Bill's teaching, DARK LIGHTS OF CANDLEMAS

Bro. Bill
thank you for such a succinct and easily understood summary of the topic. It clears any confusion surrounding this issue in a short, accurate exposition of it from scripture. PM
(Feb 2016) Regarding Bill's teaching, Did the Cross Do Away with Torah?

(Jan 2016) Regarding Bill's video: Are There Christian Witches?

Thank You for the Tzit Tzit rebuttal.  I looked up the Tzit Tzit after Rabbi Bills teaching and I was puzzuled.  I could not believe not believe it either when I saw the source of that dye (I could not believe Abba was usuing an unclean source for the blue dye.)  Also that Roman edict concerning the color blue was straight from Satan designed to attack any Jewish or Christian believer strictly observing the Torah.
Thanks, Pat
(Jan 2016) Regarding Bill's video regarding the Tzit Tzit commandment, Tzit Tzit - Sapphire Fringes of Covenant!

Thank you for letting Messiah's Body know to lift up prayers against evil and for protection for YHWH's children.
Blessings to you for your faithful service and love in Yahshua's Name!!! Your sister Antonina
(Jan 2016)

Thanks! The ministry Yaheweh has given you has blessed me spiritually. AS 
(Jan 2016)

I was so blessed by this teaching.  Every day I pray that Abba covers me with his feathers and hides me underneath his wings...?
(Dec 2015) Regarding Bill's video, TALLIT: The REAL War Room!

Thank YOU, Brother, for this brilliant lesson in truth. I enjoy keeping the Sabbath as a kind of memorial to how well I have conducted my work week and all my weekly accomplishment in Him. JM 
(Jan 2016) regarding Bill's Teaching, Did the Cross Do Away with Torah?

Thank you so much, Bill, for reminding us what this pagan holiday is all about.  Appreciate it! JH
(DEC 2015) Regarding Bill's video The Krampus & Kris-Mess

Shalom Bill and Mary,
"Yah and Yah Alone is fit to take the universe's Throne....."
This is MY SONG!!! Maybe you have heard me singing it at the top of my lungs in PRAISE TO MY ABBA today!!! These words express the song of my heart in celebration of my TOTAL LIBERATION IN YAHUSHUA!!
My soul is MAGNIFYING THE NAME OF YAHUWAH for His Liberation! None of this would have been possible if it hadn't been for your anointed ministry to me. Bill and Mary, you both have my undying gratitude for this life-restoring gift of loving ministry. May Abba bless you MIGHTILY with EVERY desire of your hearts! R.T.A.

Thank you for your note. I am well but so exhausted. I don't recall ever feeling at this level. This was so huge for me. I see things more clearly from a different  perspective. I have a different shalom. I can't thank you and Bill enough. With much, much appreciation and love in Messiah. TC

Dear Bill & Mary…I hope all finds you and yours well. Things are still changing for the better in my life since you prayed for me concerning the sorcery attacks…I know that YHVH must be pleased with you both. satan only spits on those who have successfully insulted him and damaged his kingdom. Congratulations on a job well done! Remember that every time you are cursed at by others, you have cut him deep…not many can accomplish this feat. I think you are making G-d smile real hard about now. Let that light of yours continue to shine bright. Keep up the good work. Whatever I end up accomplishing for our Lord in this life, you both will share in the reward for all of your help. May the peace, love, grace and joy of our Mighty Elohim be upon you. Gratefully in Him, Ellen    

Thank you very much for allowing God to use you to weave together a fabric of information - so I can finally understand who the Jesuits are , where they came from, and who they are involved with.  Sincerely, JS

Dear Mary, Oh how the Lord loves me, your email brought tears to my eyes. Proverbs 25:11....A word fitly spoken is like apples of goal in pictures of silver. Just at the right time this morning. Just at the right moment, I received your note. You could not have known my need other than your faithful following of the Lord's prompting. Thank you so much Mary for your faithfulness to our Lord and Messiah, Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord! Because He Live, we do too. You and Bill are always in my prayers. DD

Dear William and Mary, I more than love this book [BLOOD ON THE DOORPOSTS]!! I am on chapter 7 now. I really wish someone would have put it in my hands 10 years ago!! As a SRA/MPD ritual abuse survivor I rate this the number ONE book in healing and recovery. I have read hundreds of books on this healing journey and I rate this one #1 for survivors of SRA/MPD. I am in contact with many other survivors and have recommended it to them!! It really is a must read for all survivors of SRA!! Thanks so much for writing this book, William!! May Yahuwah Bless You! – D.S.

Shalom Bill & Mary, Just wanted to let you know that we tried your "no-crust pumpkin pie" (which we call "pumpkin mousse"), & it was so delicious!  We've made it 3 times, & for different relatives/friends, & ALL of them have HIGHLY praised the taste & good, healthy ingredients.  Toda raba for sharing it with us!!! May Yahuweh Bless You, A & G