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Posted by by Mary Schnoebelen on 1/5/2018 to Biblical Teachings

For all those He has blessed, may they be doubly blessed.
For all those who stand beside us, may they be given His strengths to stand even stronger.
For all those who pray with us, interceding with us and standing the test of time against all the wiles of the evil one, may they be girded with Yahuwah’s Truth and may His Shield of protection be around them. May they walk in His Favor, and may the Glittering Spear be in their hand and Yahuwah’s Arrow of Deliverance in their quiver.
May the Anointing Oil be poured out upon them, that they might spread tidings of good news. May understanding of Yahuwah’s weaponry for this Spiritual War be theirs.
May their armour be impenetrable. 
May their tongues sing His Praises and speak the Truth in Love.
May all their weapons be Yahuwah’s Spiritual Weapons.
And may all their Teshuvah be pure as gold, burning as sweet smelling incense before the altars of the Mighty One of Yisrael.

For any we have offended, we ask forgiveness.
For any who have sought vengeance – may they find the Living Spirit of Yahuwah and His Judgements sufficient and may their wounds be healed.
May the Spirit of Yahuwah be upon us, for He has proclaimed us as His Own, as His Talmadim.
May we always endeavor to faithfully walk in His footsteps without rancor or hesitation, always upholding His Torah, His Name, and His Judgements.
Baruch Hashem Yahushua, King of kings, Yahuwah’s Kavod come in the flesh. Omayn.