BULLETPROOF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Radionics & Spiritual Warfare (2 DVD Set!) NEW!

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This 2-DVD set is subject to possible shipping delays due to COVID-19 emergency - DVD planned ship date April 29, 2020

The world is panicked with widespread, emergent outbreaks of COVID-19. But does Almighty YAH already have answers in His Word and Creation to this frightening pandemic? Beyond common sense measures what can we as Believers do to protect our families from this potentially deadly disease?

In this Powerful Teaching, BULLETPROOF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - Radionics & Spiritual Warfare, Dr. William Schnoebelen, N.D., shares in-depth, vital strategies to combat the growing deadly threat of radionics, the notorious spirit of fear, and Viruses  - Including COVID-19. LEARN key nutrients and spiritual weaponry Almighty YAH has blessed His children with - Walk in victory with an immune system of blue, twisted steel!

Join With One Accord Ministries in this End-Time Battle and learn how you can use The Almighty’s Healing Creation to fortify your home and family’s immune systems with HIS solutions for Health, Healing and Victory! Pray Spiritual Warfare Prayers with Dr. Bill at the end of this Teaching and bring YAH’s INVINCIBLE FIRE to your spiritual life and health.

The blessed RUACH haQodesh (Holy Spirit) has POURED OUT His love into this new teaching like a RIVER of LIFE for His People... Now, it has even MORE information, AND PRAYERS have been added to EQUIP You & Your Loved Ones against the coming season of growing spiritual and health challenges. These PRAYERS will be posted on WOAM's Spiritual Warfare Prayer Page & on our YouTube Channel for FREE as soon as the VIDEO GOES LIVE on VIMEO, which will be before the actual DVD disks are sent to WOAM's distribution center!