Cancer Wars - DVD

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Millions suffer a personal and terrifying medical Armageddon after cancer diagnosis. Though extensive research and prayer, Dr. William Schnoebelen exposes how the cancer industry's deadly monopoly, lies and publicity campaigns have suppressed life-saving, non-invasive, natural cancer therapies and frightened patients into having revenue-driven and deadly procedures. Yes, ILLUMINATI billionaires have incubated a pharmaceutical colossus, partnering with Nazi mega-cartels in opposition to the Almighty's Biblical plan for healing and wellness: But there is GOOD NEWS!

TRUTH and HOPE prevail through the amazing world of natural, alternative and integrative cancer treatments. Backed by proven success rates, Bill shares detailed information on healing anti-cancer modalities and the spiritual roots of this modern plague. Learn what the Holy Spirit wants you to know concerning disease, prayer, repentance and the victorious, liberating power of Yahushua and His Cross!