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Caribbean Roasted Lime Vegetables

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/26/2015 to Savory Meals
2 med red onions
1 med-sized winter or 2 summer squash (yellow or zucchini)
1 fennel bulb/root
2 lg red peppers
1 sml-med head red cabbage
Other vegetables in season (amounting to about 2 cups)
1 can roasted diced tomatoes
2 cans full fat coconut milk
1 can White beans
1 can cooked lentils
1 Whole large or 2 small-med Limes zested, juiced
3-4 Tlbs Maple Syrup (or to taste)
1 jar Tiki Masala sauce (or homemade w/o dairy)
1 Cup cashews
1 Tlbs Salt (to taste)
1 -1 ½ Tlbs Onion Powder
1 Tsp + Nutmeg
1 tsp + Ginger
Pinch of chili pepper
You could add quinoa, rice or any other desired no gluten grain. Just be sure to soak the grains at least 6 hours before cooking for easier digestion and absorption of nutrients. More coconut milk and additional spices may be required for the full flavor to the sauce to cover all of the ingredients.
Roast squash and all other veggies (it’s OK if they get brown). Winter squash will take the longest – about an hour depending on your oven. Set aside.
Fennel can be diced into smaller pieces when cool. 
Dice all other veggies into large bite-sized pieces.
Sauté red onions about halfway to carmelization. Add lime zest and juice. Sauté another 15 minutes; add chopped peppers and chopped squash.
In a large ceramic or stainless steel pot, add onion mixture and all ingredients BUT the squash, including any frozen veggies. Then add cashews.
Add the squash last, just to heat before serving. YUM!