Christianity & the Bible

The Bible is the Christian's source of authority and truth (Ps. 33:4). Because of this, Yah'shua (Jesus) promised that it would endure forever in a perfect form (Mt. 5:18, Mt. 24:35). So did Abba Yahweh the Father (Ps. 12:6-7, Ps. 119:89). It is the world's only LIVING Book (Hebr. 4:12). Since it is the source of absolute truth, it is only natural that many who resent Yahweh's authority would try and attack the Authorized Version of the Bible (King James version). Both from within and without the Christian faith, the Bible has come under attack as never before.

Sincere men and women of faith are being led astray by teachers or pastors (or leaders of other religions like the Mormons) who tell them that the Bible is the Word of God only "insofar as it is translated correctly." Thus, an important part of the life of the Believer is knowing that the Holy Bible is trustworthy and perfect (Ps 19:7) and that it is as near and easy to reach as the nearest King James Bible (Rom. 10:8). This section contains many helps on the general walk of the Believer and specific tools for understanding the power, purity and preservation of the Holy Bible.
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