Disclosure: UFO's Aliens and the Magick Connection (DVD)

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With decades of research combined with personal experience, Dr. William Schnoebelen, N.D., shares this Spirit-led Teaching containing vital information for the End-Times concerning the profound, dark magical underpinnings of the modern UFO phenomenon. Much of this material had never been revealed and remains a mystery to most. Yet Scripture reveals to the Body of Messiah it must be equipped and ready to respond to the ‘Big Reveal’ coming in the End of Days!

In the past year media buzz about UFOs and a coming “DISCLOSURE” of heretofore secret government and military documents and photos of unknown aircraft has risen to fever pitch. The Air Force is admitting to more than 140 sightings of UFOs by military aircraft with that numberrising daily. In addition, hundreds - If not thousands - of people are coming forward to share their memories of horrific abduction by some sort of unknown and terrifying alien entities. These experiences often involve mental and physical probes, torture and rape.

This is a MAJOR part of the GREAT DECEPTION of the infamous, elite NWO to control humanity and drive society further into the Beast System. Knowing there is a serious cosmic battle to ensue and celestial wars taking place even now for precious souls, we PRAY THIS WORD brings clarity and the anointing of YAH to YOU so YOU CAN ENGAGE the enemy with the anointing, wisdom & knowledge of YAH’s WORD!

Join Dr. Bill and With One Accord Ministries we bring this prophetic message to YOU--the Body of Messiah!