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Dr. William & Mary's HANUKKAH LETTER & Prayer Before a Home Gathering

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/27/2019 to Biblical Teachings


AS TIME GROWS SHORT before Yahushua’s Second Coming, Our hearts are blessed and spirits rallied just knowing you are standing with us...Because your faithfulness brings HOPE to others, and helps us endure and move forward TOGETHER as one Body in Messiah! PLEASE KNOW that every day our Prayers are lifted up continually for you - WE LOVE YOU ALL IN MESSIAH. YOU ARE MORE PRECIOUS TO US DEAR WOAM FAMILY THAN WE CAN EXPRESS.

We understand (and have endured ourselves) the horrendous onslaught of the enemy these past months. BUT we all have HOPE in HIM, AND IN HIS HANUKKAH and this Season of Lights! THIS TIME OF YEAR, we’re reminded more than ever of HIS GREAT LOVE, and (because He doesn’t change), He STILL WORKS MIRACLES for His Beloved. Yes, He does! Especially when we’re fighting the enemy tooth and nail in this End-Time SPIRITUAL WAR. But this season is such a GREAT TIME of opportunity for us all to reach out to others, WORSHIP OUR SAVIOUR, and step up to bring Yahushua’s LIGHT of LIBERATION to a dying world. Mary and I PRAY HIS LIGHT pierces the darkness during this season where it otherwise might not be received. We Pray the RUACH haQodesh (Holy Spirit) goes before us all, to help our paths straight so HE can minister to the lost and hurting. Friends, the spiritual truth is, adversity and pain are YAH’s megaphone. They fuel compassion and awareness that we need HIM, and that we are not in control. And with that realization, our souls search...It’s as if our trials and tribulations converge this time of year to make us bend the knee and open our hearts. Whatever trials spur the cry of a soul (being imperfect ourselves), WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER AND BE THERE WITH SCRIPTURAL ANSWERS.


When angels (malakim) appear to minister and we experience miracles (some mind-boggling), or hear the RUACH’s Voice in testimonies from all over the world or watch as chains of oppression fall off even one Believer’s Soul - There is no greater joy or reward. YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN. HalleluYAH!

OUR PASSION and heart cry is to continue the Great Work YAH has called us to. When He returns in glory there will be such a SHOUT! That includes those YOU minister to through WOAM’s Outreaches. But Friends, the Spiritual Warfare isn’t likely to get any easier in the coming months. Every hour, more precious souls are finding WOAM’s website, Teachings and Free Resources. Thousands are watching and learning from Bill on YouTube and VimeoYOU are making this happen! HalleluY AH!

JOIN US IN CLELEBRATING HANUKKAH, THIS SEASON OF LIGHTS, AND OUR SAVIOUR CHRIST MESSIAH! Someday Dear Ones, you will be shown the many souls given pure salvation, hope and love because you stepped out in faith and generosity with WOAM. Thank you SO MUCH for your love and support!


Because He Lives - We Rejoice!

Dr. Bill and Mary