Freemasonry: Fatal in the First Degree

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Former Master Mason Bill Schnoebelen teaches how even the first degree of Freemasonry is spiritually deadly because of it's satanic roots. Bill teaches how someone completing even the first degree of Masonry is susceptible to demonic infestation and affliction, and to make matters worse, how demonic activity is brought home to family making every cherished relationship vulnerable to severe and continuous spiritual attack after initiation. Bill guides you through vital steps necessary for deliverance and how the Holy Spirit can set you or your loved ones free from the deadly spiritual bondage of Freemasonry - also teaching how to pray against generational curses of Masonry from your family passed down by unwitting parents, grandparents, and relatives. During the last 25 years we have been asked many times, “How dangerous is Masonry, really? My husband never made it past first degree. How bad could it be?” Bill’s new teaching gives powerful and irrefutable answers to this question! In this well-documented, lavishly illustrated DVD, Bill (who was deeply involved in Freemasonry: York Rite, Scottish Rite and the Shrine for 9 years) shows how even the First Degree of Entered Apprentice brings a man and his family right into the dark heart of the temple of Baal worship! If you have family or friends in the Lodge or even thinking of becoming a members, it’s is vital that you see this first! This is an IMPORTANT teaching!