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Latkes * Savory, gluten, egg and grain free!

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/23/2016 to Savory Meals
Latkes * Savory, gluten, egg and grain free!
Savory Latkes
Savory, gluten, egg & grain free

This delicious latke recipe is totally plant based! Updated from the original posting in 2016, this simple latke recipe will keep them coming back for more! Using only a smidgen of the oil usually used for 'frying' traditional latkes, these tasty Hanukkah treats are golden and crunchy on the outside with the soft, savory flavors you've come to expect in a perfect latke. ENJOY!

Celebrating 30 Years in Ministry!

Posted by by Mary Schnoebelen on 8/21/2016 to Bakery

On Friday morning, Ruach gave me a BIG nudge to bake something NEW! This summer has been hectic and we’ve been running at top speed – but when Ruach calls we answer! I heard the VOICE and headed into the kitchen…and I’m SO glad I did! The result: SOMETHING WONDERFUL to have in the morning to celebrate Bill’s Birth Day and 30 Years in Ministry!


Could there be a better reason to celebrate with a special little baked blessing? I pray you and your family enjoy all the goodness in every bite of these sustaining, delicious, nutritious cookies! PLEASE, pray about becoming a monthly Partner with us – your Gifts are spent prayerfully and wisely! 



Posted by by Mary Schnoebelen on 3/16/2016 to Salads & Raw
I like to save time by using canned organic beans, and stock up when they’re on sale. (You can also use dried beans. They’re the least expensive. Just soak overnight in the frig, cook, cool and use as you would any canned bean!) And don’t forget the black olives – they are the key to this delicious recipe! If you prefer green olives, use those.

For this salad, use at least 3-4 different types of beans – I’ve listed our favorites but you can change up this recipe to whatever your family likes the best, too. Ingredients for the Brine are measured here for canned beans (in at least 12 oz cans). This Brine also makes a DECLICIOUS vinaigrette salad dressing. As a matter of fact, Bill and I usually put our bean salad over our leafy greens – it’s so good! I always try and use two cans of black beans because they’re SO VERY HEALTHY for you and they taste wonderful…this recipe makes a huge amount of salad BTW - but if you have a large family or eat it every day like we do – this recipe is jussst right!  

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Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 2/9/2016 to Salads & Raw
Living in the Midwest in winter…think waist-high snowdrifts, ice-cold winds, frozen tundra…is essence, the Hinterlands. Folks here have learned to endure the winter without fresh produce. Sadly, most depend on genetically modified meats, potatoes, carrots and peas as staples.  Since grocery store shelf space is limited, it’s difficult finding a good selection of produce that’s affordable. But without fail - each year as the days grow longer I start pining for something green and fresh and crisp. Something with vitality and life in it to propel me toward those sunny spring days! There’s always spirulina or chlorella in a protein smoothie (a fantastic way to increase your ‘green’ intake), yet still my tastebuds crave the goodness and crunch of fresh salad...

This Coleslaw recipe originally came from my mother’s kitchen. I add the shredded kale to take the ‘green’ factor up a notch (even though I used red cabbage). The dressing, made with horseradish, adds zing to this slaw when paired with a loose-leaf salad (use the slaw like ‘salad dressing’) - or use on top of a toasted cheesy herb bread sandwich! Just delicious! With a little shredding time (about 10-15 minutes), a powerhouse of cleansing anti-oxidants becomes a delicious addition to your meals. But don’t let the small amount of parsley (proportionately) in this delicious salad fool you. Extremely rich in Vitamin K, even a small amount of the herb boosts kidney function substantially. Combined with the anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer agents in cabbage and the cholesterol-lowering benefits of kale, this salad’s creamy texture and TASTE will keep ‘em coming back for more! Lunch just became Irresistible!


Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 2/3/2016 to Bakery
We've been having thunder snow, sleet and blizzard conditions here in Iowa. Not fun! 
But toward the end of my prayer time yesterday, Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) nudged me into the kitchen...well, the result is this amazing new Shepherd's Crusty Cheese-Herb Bread! What a wonderful surprise when Ruach intervenes and 'downloads' a fabulous new recipe! Many days, the recipe is for prayer...prayer for empowering weary warriors, those under attack from dark spiritual forces, and for many other oppressions but oftentimes, prayer for blessings, encouragement and empowering. But yesterday, the Word given to me was about the sanctification of the body through what we put into our temple, where the Creator of the universe resides.

As time allows I continue working on an article that might well end up being a book - a teaching about Purity and Power - and Obedience. But that endeavor is for another day! My prayer is that you and your family enjoy this DELICIOUS bread! And thank you for remembering With One Accord Ministries in your prayers and with your financial offerings and gifts - 
Shalom and Bless You!


Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 1/18/2016 to Salads & Raw
This flavorful, raw salad is full of enzymes, micro-nutrients and vitamin C for fending off the winter doldrums and those nasty flus going around. You can sweeten it up or keep it nice and tart - either way, it will bring your body back to a nice, alkalized state of 'ahhhh' and help flush out those extra little sugars accumulated over the holidays...excellent with veggie loaf and a healthy starch like sweet potatoes, this recipe isn't just for holidays!

Apple Ginger Cinnamon Cake

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/19/2015 to Bakery
Baby, it's cold outside! When the family gathers into the kitchen (and they always do!) after a healthy walk or outdoor activity, this is the cake that'll keep them coming back to the kitchen. Moist, lightly sweet and full of ginger and cinnamon, this is THE cake for the holidays. Top-loaded with homemade chunky applesauce and finished with just a wee bit of glaze, this plate o' love will burn brightly in their memories for a long, long time. Ginger has always been a family favorite, so it takes a VERY special ginger dessert to tempt those who know and love Mom's Triple Ginger Cookies (to be posted soon in Heritage Recipes). But the inside of this cake is moist, and just melts on the tongue - while the outer rim of crust is ever-so-slightly chewy (like a soft cookie) and guess what? Even the toughest taste testers loved it! HalleluYAH!

If this inspired recipe brings you and your family noshing joy, please remember With One Accord Ministries with a small gift - Thank You for Your Prayers and Donations!