MANHOOD and the Spirit of Elijah (2 DVDs) - NEW!

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The cultural-spiritual war against Scriptural Masculinity has escalated in America, spearheaded by the Spirit of Jezebel! This fallen, ancient celestial is indiscriminately thrashing the perceptions of millions concerning what it means to be a man, provoking hate and perversion. In this first installment of Dr. William Schnoebelen’s NEW, powerful DVD Series on men, women and marriage - he addresses challenges to overcoming the venomous allure of Jezebel and her minions! BUT THIS VIDEO isn’t just for men – It’s for the women who love them. OR WILL! This Teaching guides married women in understanding the subtleties of Scriptural Manhood, and how to increase spiritual growth as a couple. For the single woman, insights are shared into the kind of man they NEED TO PRAY FOR to fulfill their deepest, YAH-given needs to create a marriage of miraculous love and anointing.


Jezebel’s weapons of sexual immorality, perversion and idolatry (witchcraft Revelations 2:20) are aimed squarely at the heart of family and husbands/fathers. Today’s media, pop culture and the educational system has men and EVEN BOYS questioning their sexuality – Spiritually gelded by her seductions… 


SO, WHAT DOES IT MEAN to be a SCRIPTURAL man? While the modern church seems rudderless, how can men excavate the truth about themselves to walk Yahushua’s path between the caverns of anger and passivity? What brings victory over the blandishments and lies vomited forth by the cultural sewer of Jezebel and her minions? CULTIVATION of the SPIRIT OF ELIJAH!

 is the archenemy of Jezebel! This wicked principality is only driven out through the power of Yahushua! LEARN how to focus and take hold of YAH’s liberation and the AUTHORITY of ELIJAH’s MANTLE in YOUR LIFE - as Dr. Bill Teaches how authentic spiritual depth CAN BE ACHIEVED in life through Biblical Truths, such as “turning the hearts of the children to the fathers,” (Malachi 4:6), and the building of the “Excellent Spirit”! 

MANHOOD and the Spirit of Elijah IS NO ‘LUXURY SPA’ FOR MEN. BUT IF you’re SERIOUS about destroying Jezebel and Routing the enemy in Spiritual Warfare to protect YOUR FAMILY – This Video has answers. Accept the challenge and GAIN the POWER of MESSIAH over Jezebel in your life!