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Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/17/2015 to Breakfast & Snacks
Plant based, gluten free, refined sugar free, egg free and totally addictive!
This amazing recipe fills all the nooks and crannies of a home-style eggnog plus adds the rich texture of pudding or pie filling. Enjoy as a healthy snack, or use as a topping for oatmeal, warmed slightly over chunky applesauce or pie, or in plant based muffins for a moist, rich texture. If you love eggnog, this is for you!

For those pursuing a grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle, this comfort food also fills the tummy with the goodness of chia’s protein and coconut milk, and it keeps very well. Downsize the recipe to make a smaller amount to try it the first time – but you’ll wish you hadn’t! YEAH, it’s that good. This is an original copyrighted recipe given by Ruach haQodesh for the people of Yahuwah! Thank you for your gifts & donations to With One Accord Ministries. Check my Blog for the latest recipes and tips on set apart, healthy living! 

Special Note: Downsize this recipe! Just cut milk and chia in half. The other ingredients can remain the same.
1 15oz Can Organic full fat Coconut Milk (FULL FAT)
1 15oz Can Organic Butternut Squash, or use about 12-13oz of home-cooked squash
1 C Raw Organic Cashews, soaked in purified water in the frig overnight and drained
8 C Almond Milk (you may need to add more depending on how thick you want this filling). If you like thicker filling, use less milk.
1 C Organic Chia Seeds (If making half the amount, use ½ C plus 2-3 Tlbs)
2 Tlbs Vanilla
1 ½ Tlbs Cinnamon
½ Tsp Nutmeg
¼ Tsp Cloves
½ - 2/3 Tsp Himalayan or Sea Salt (this is a secret ingredient!)
½ Cup Real Maple Syrup, or use less and add more stevia to taste
4 Squirts Stevia (2 in each blender cup) or to taste
1. Pour measured Chia Seed into large 12 Cup bowl
2. Using a highspeed blender combine roughly half of the ingredients.
3. Blend, starting slow - increasing power until running on high and mix becomes frothy.
4. Pour about 2/3 over Chia Seed and, using a wooden spoon or spatula, fold mixture together until all Chia is blended into mixture. It will begin to thicken immediately.
5. IF YOU ARE MAKING A FULL BATCH, Mix the rest of ingredients in the blender.
6. Liquefy on high speed.
7. Pour over Chia Seed mix and hand stir until all ingredients are mixed well.
8. TASTE. If you need more maple syrup, stevia or vanilla, etc., add now.
9. You need to begin with the right consistency or filling will be too thick! This filling thickens as the liquid is absorbed by the Chia Seed, so make sure you like both the taste (you can add more sweetener or 
spices but make sure it’s folded in well) and the texture is smooth but not too thick. Like a good melted ice cream.
10. Allow to sit on the counter about 20 minutes.
11. Stir, folding with spatula, just a few turns to make sure all the seeds are coated.
12. Put into the frig for at least two hours – overnight is best – this is our favorite!