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Notes from Mary ~ Happy Hanukkah!

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/16/2020 to Biblical Teachings
NOTES FROM MARY... Bill and I are rejoicing - Giving ALL PRAISE and WORSHIP to Abba YAH the Most High for His outpourings to those in need. Not only through WOAM’s outreach ministries, but through ALL those who step up to the front lines & extend His lovingkindness to His Children...HalleluYAH! Here at WOAM, we’ve seen deliverances, salvations and yes, some miraculous healings for the Father’s Set- Apart, Beloved Bride. We are standing, having done all to serve and stand on the front lines through these perilous times with our WOAM FAMILY. PRAISE HIM FOREVER and EVER! What HE does cannot be undone – And what HE performs is anointed and ETERNAL. THANK YOU DEAR FRIENDS AND PARTNERS who stand with us! Our hope is to share at least SOME of the Praise Reports we’ve received and to keep working diligently every single day (and many nights) for as long and faithfully as we possibly can... And we PRAY FOR YOU DEAREST BROTHERS AND SISTERS...!?

WE ARE SO EXCITED to share Bill’s NEW DVD Teaching, WOMEN OF POWER - THE Ay Sheet Chayil in YAH's End-Time Army! What a POWERFUL TEACHING AND MINISTRY TOOL! This extraordinary, Scriptural lesson was born from countless hours of deep intercessory Prayer and GREAT sacrifice, through the ministry of the Ruach haQodesh. We hope and Pray it is a Blessing to all of you personally – And to the Body of Messiah at large - Which is SO FRAUGHT with Roman doctrines about women, misinterpretations of Scripture concerning their roles and authority in Messiah, and women as SPIRITUAL LEADERS and WARRIORS. If you or someone you know believes that a woman’s role in the Body of Messiah is limited, and therefore she must be subservient (hold on to your boots), then you MUST SEE THIS DVD TEACHING! HalleluYAH! 

 ON ANOTHER NOTE: I’m behind again in sending out Thank You cards to all our WOAM FAMILY...It’s been a rough BUT ALSO a very rewarding year in the ministry! Our LIVING WATERS OUTREACHES are touching many, many lives - Thanks to YOU! May Abba bless ALL THOSE who Intercede and Financially Support WOAM! Your FAITHFULNESS means the world to thousands – And to Bill and I. Often, when things look bleak and the enemy is hitting us hard, HalleluYAH! A dear Brother or Sister will send a note of miraculous testimony - or a Gift - and we just cry with JOY as the RUACH ministers to our hearts through YOU, our WOAM Family. In a word...You lift us up and KEEP US GOING with your Prayers and Gifts. 

THANK YOU BELOVED OF YAH. We THANK EACH of YOU for GIVING so unselfishly out of love for HIM! If you’re seeking RESOURCES for your Spiritual arsenal, go to Bill’s YouTube Channel or our website – There are hundreds of FREE RESOURCES and For-Donation DVDs and books! You can also visit WOAM’s Vimeo Channel and upload Dr. Bill’s DVD Teachings so you won’t need to wait for postal delivery (which is slower than usual this time of year) or pay for shipping. GET ARMED UP & BECOME DANGEROUS TO THE ENEMIES OF YAH!? ?MAY YOU HAVE A BLESSED, JOYOUS & HAPPY HANUKKAH! MAY HIS LIGHT SHINE IN YOUR HEARTS & HOMES AS NEVER BEFORE! Come quickly YAHUSHUA, our KING! 

Shalom ~ Mary