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Purity: Pressing the Oil

Posted by With One Accord Ministries, by Mary Schnoebelen on 10/15/2016 to Biblical Teachings
...continued: PRESSING MORE OIL!

Through Yahushua’s love and purity we are bequeathed the power to live His ORIGINAL plan for our lives. And if we missed it during the first few decades of our lives (or longer) – it seems He bestows it in even greater measure once we have matured IF we seek purity through a set apart life. In time, we lay down our ego and embrace our true destiny. It takes hard spiritual work.
Submission. Sanctification. It’s all about Him. ONLY HIM. It is an on-going PROCESS. Then, in an instant – we become AWARE of His Presence within us. It is difficult to articulate – but the soul and spirit recognize His Light and suddenly, you are breathing His Light. Because within you it is tangible. Your eyes shine. Your facial muscles and body relax. People notice. But so does the enemy! That is why we urge you to pray every day, night and day, for the Armor of Light (Rom. 13:12) and cover yourself in ALL of YAHUWAH’S Armor (Eph. 6:12-18). 

From our experience, the favorite Trojan horse of the enemy is the ego. Pride. When you become filled and covered with HIS ARMOR and walk in Ruach’s Garment of Light, you develop incredible perception for both spiritual Light and spiritual darkness. Just know that pride will keep rising up if not completely surrendered at the Cross - and it doesn’t like to go peacefully.

Sometimes the enemy will put a ‘thorn’ in your life (2 Cor. 12:7) that, without Ruach’s leading and the Blood of Yahushua, we cannot overcome…BUT WE ARE INTENDED TO BE OVERCOMERS! Especially, beloved, during these End Times as so eloquently put forth by Yochanan (John) in REVELATIONS (Rev. 2:7, 11, 17, 26 etc.). It’s time to shed the comfort of a social church, where egos are paraded, ‘feel-good’ proclamations are made, and people remain in soul-binding sin, totally lost to the purity, power and purpose Abba intends for them.
But the Ruach (Holy Spirit) can and WILL sever ego from us and equip us for Yahuwah’s purposes IF we continually submit ourselves in love to Messiah through prayer, meditation and Scripture study, fasting and even good works (mitzwot) – see James 1:27. This counteracts the ego’s constant need to be fed on a diet of sympathy, rebellion and oftentimes, intense emotional drama. We have seen many who have a true calling and purpose FALL BACKWARD because the ego rises up, demanding vindication for perceived wrongs, seeking pity to fuel the old ‘man’ of manipulation that sometimes drains the very life out of those around them.
With his spiritual eyes of discernment, Bill sees the dark spawn of demonic larvae crawling on many poor, lost souls – and many Believers too. Why haven’t they yet experienced deliverance or prayed prayers of repentance (teshuwah) for generational sins (among others) that cause open doorways into their lives? Because they’re stuck in dysfunctional or dead churches teaching against the WHOLE of Scripture. Because they’re broken and need liberation in the Mighty Name of Yahushua! Our Savior warned that unless we repent, we shall perish (Luke 13:3).

One thing that IS helpful to subdue the ego is to stop trying to figure everything out, stop looking back and lamenting the pain of ‘my story’ (Phil. 3:13-15). READ AND STUDY YAHUWAH’s STORY! Eventually, the ego fades away – and we stop seeing Yahushua and others, even ourselves, through ‘a glass darkly’. Although none of us will see perfectly clear until we reach heaven, we were born of His Marvelous Light when we gave Him our lives, but we MUST SEEK His marvelous Light! This ‘working out our Salvation with fear and trembling’ (Phil. 2:12) is found only through a deepening realization of YAHUWAH’s Word and our relationship with HIM! And that takes prayer, meditation and study of the King James Bible.
As the debris of ego is purified, our vessels are left empty for Ruach HaQodesh to fill. The amazing gifts of heaven manifest where our old ego once held ground. But the vessel must first be purified so His anointing has a worthy, sanctified temple to reside in. And like any precious thing of YAHUWAH’s: It must be cared for, nurtured and kept clean. Cherished. Guarded. Loved.
Navigating through our daily lives – the tedious tasks, setbacks and oppositions of the enemy (oftentimes working through friends and family) - can be discouraging. Life is not fair and is oftentimes tough. We suffer, and many of us need to guard against the temptation to become bitter. The bog of this world is fraught with slippery mire and only prayer and set-apart time with YAHUWAH holds us fast. When we fail to seek Him intimately with a pure heart, like a little child, spiritual oppression can slide back in to muddy our inner sanctum. THAT is why King David prayed in Psalms 61:7 He shall abide before Elohim for ever: O prepare mercy and truth, which may preserve him. This is not a new idea. But preserve him for what? To be a set apart vessel!

Laboring for Messiah!
Remember, abiding is not an occasional visit. It does not allow for the picking and choosing of things we like in His Torah. It brings growth that sometimes painfully challenges our comfort zone. Abiding is – more than ANYTHING ELSE – an ultimate oneness with Yahuwah under the covert of His Wings (the ‘fringes’ of His Tallit covering  - Malachi 4:2). And yet…even when we fail in the struggle against ego, He is merciful! He will ‘turn us again’ and again (Tehillim 80:1; 3; 7; 19, Lam 3:40)…and when we come to the end of ourselves – we find His shalom. 

It can be especially tough to begin this new walk – this Set Apart way of worship and living. He is patient and kind, and will keep giving us the same lessons over and over until we finally ‘get it’. The outstretched Hand of Yahushua’s mercy is NOT dependent on our faithfulness, but on HIS. He wants clean vessels to fill. At the wedding at Cana in Galilee, the servants were directed to collect six empty ‘water pots’ of STONE. This signifies our hearts before the love of our union with Him. When we realize HIS Faithfulness covers us, keeps us and sustains us with the watering of His Word, we learn that the power of obedience AND the seed of His Righteousness abides in us. He lives in our flesh, He LIVES within us - in the dust of our flesh! Our bodies of mud are changed into His golden, Kodosh place. Our DNA is sanctified. Then, we are called a peculiar people – a holy nation. Living stones.

But we MUST grow into a completed, hollow vessel that He - and He alone - can fill. Once our vessel has been purified and given unto His purposes, nothing will ever be the same – and nothing else can ever fill our empty places or fulfill our need for His living water. The things of this world that once beguiled us lose all their power. We are truly LIBERATED!

Purity is a gift that comes through submission and obedience to YAHUWAH’s Word. The problem is we are all still human…and many preachers today assail their congregations through a veil of wounds and contention. Their own issues, man’s traditions, misinterpretation and sadly, emotional hurts and submerged anger can end up leading many innocent sheep astray. We grieve for these ‘walking wounded’ and ask you to join us in prayer, seeking YAHUWAH for their liberation!
For some, the world’s allures are too great to resist. They become sidetracked (a favorite snare of the enemy) with the ‘glamours’ of modern life. Yet deep down the longing for true Scriptural Freedom is there… Yet if they pray putting the ego aside and walk circumspectly, Abba is faithful to deliver!

Being ‘pure in heart’ begins with an attitude of thankfulness. When you start calling all things from YAHUWAH good – even His judgments – and realize you simply cannot reason or understand His purposes, the windows of His Light open. From thankfulness flows praise – and from praise flows faith! We begin doing ALL THINGS through Him Who strengthens us!
For me, obedience and purity aren’t two sides of a coin. They’re a multidimensional ENCOUNTER – we kneel aside and are shown more of Him, more of His supernatural power. But we MUST pray for it. We will see facets of His Being drawn together as One (as His Name is One), and His Presence in our lives grows, becoming ROCK SOLID. When we praise Him in purity and live a set apart life as an offering, our prayers ascend like sweet smelling incense to His Throne (Rev. 8:3-4). Our temple is cleansed. Our souls are enlightened with His Ruach HaQodesh that ignites with His Fire. Our temple is filled with His Love and Purity! Nothing is better than THAT.

Today, we are all in a hurry (life keeps us busy!), yet the process I am talking about here takes diligence. We simply must invest the time – the very essence of our lives – into sanctification and relationship with Him. This is necessary for abiding purely within the Body of the Living Torah, Messiah Yahushua. We need to withdraw (as Yahushua did when He prayed) to seal YAHUWAH’S purposes in our hearts. It simply has to be our priority.
From Genesis through Revelations the prophets and servants of YAHUWAH declare His Truth AFTER spending long hours, months or years, in prayer AND in submission to Torah. Many, like Yahushua Himself, went to the desert or found a cave to dwell in before stepping out (it is a fearful thing to serve the Living Yah!) and speaking forth. It is heartbreaking to see so many genuinely devout Believers today fall to ego, sin and languish after a huge rush to begin ministering - because they have not been purified, sanctified and anointed in Him. 
If only we began our service to Yahuwah through obedience, prayer and devotions! We must study ourselves approved, seek purity through fasting and prayer, and sanctify our vessel through submission to His Word in order to be a pure residing place for the Almighty! How can we expect the Almighty Creator of the Universe and judge of all Righteousness to abide in and use us if we are walking as the world does? We need to become His resting place – an earthen Holy of Holies - for His Presence to bring the fire of revelation into our being. His resting place, this clay, must not only be internally holy, but must exude purity through and through! Being set apart means NOT looking, or wanting to appear, as the world does.

Isn’t it time for all set apart Believers to begin the tough, often challenging spiritual work to become pure? Remember, purity is two SEEMINGLY similar things in the natural world: Gold, for example, is something physical that can be either pure OR impure. It is graded by the ABSENCE of ANYTHING not gold. And also, it is graded by the qualities of the gold itself. Remember Job 23:10:
He knoweth the way that I take: When He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

Ask yourself: Am I separated from the world? Am I honestly Set Apart? Am I willing to trust His Word and learn – or do I already know it all? Have I repented and done TESHUVAH for sin (and transgressions) and prayed, asking HIM to close open doorways? Have I spent time with Him?
Yahuwah - ultimately the PRESENCE of YAHUWAH abiding in us…quantifies and qualifies what is GOLDEN in our spirit! Where our treasure is, there resides our heart. IF we seek purity FIRST, we can expect our vessels to be filled with HIS glorious, Divine Presence! THAT IS GOLD! THAT IS HIS POWER to transform our lives and the lives of those around us!

Sharing as Commanded: SABBATH BLESSING
I seldom share these things because they are so incredibly personal. Many Believers would think it pretty far ‘out there’. But the gifts are without repentance (Rom. 11:29) - and need to be shared in humility so the Light of Yahushua blazes into every corner of the earth and beyond – even into unseen dimensions and spiritual realms. I share this here, humbly seeking to serve YAHUWAH.

The other day as we prayed with a wounded warrior, the anointing simply erupted. Ruach’s power amped up on me and inside me, running across my skin and through my belly! Then, WHOOSH! I rebuked ha satan in YAHUWAH’s Name, commanded him to leave his victim and about fell on my face. This has happened several times over the past 35+ years, and Ruach has built up my endurance for this sort of thing…but I was on fire, numb, empty and overflowing all at the same time - I couldn’t have held back without bursting!

I was covered in heavenly water - it ran down my back, down my neck and gathered around my belly. I saw into the spiritual realm and yet was miraculously hidden from the enemy. Later, as I tried to describe what had happened to Bill, I told him it was like (spiritually) having a HUGE sneeze explode out of nowhere! BOOM, it’s out! It rattles your body and freezes your brain – and if you try and hold it back or close your mouth to restrain it – your eardrums split open!
This doesn’t come close to how it felt, but it’s the best way I can describe the profound sensation of this outpouring… I trusted Ruach and so obediently opened my mouth. If I hadn’t, it would have stifled the Kodosh Spirit from manifesting and this tormented person would not be liberated. I KNEW this was the moment for this beloved child of Yahuwah to be set free. Praise Ruach! This was a profound and prophetic Word – like the trumpeting of a shofar.

THEN, I had to get on my face before YAHUWAH. I went into our prayer chamber and lay on the floor. I heard myself sobbing. But it wasn’t emotion making me cry. It wasn’t anything to do with a feeling. It was Ruach’s white-hot Light billowing through me and rattling my soul to the core. Tears burned my cheeks. I heard myself crying, Yahushua…Yahushua. My entire face was wet. It was so bittersweet…I felt no anguish. No exaltation. No joy in victory. All I KNEW to my very bones was that I’d just had a very small taste of eternity…and this: The Word of YAHUWAH is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Heb. 4:12)

I was in a pearly white room sitting in a white chair. There, directly in front of me about six feet away, was another chair. It was bright white with clean lines, a modern style (it was made of white stone). Gold ran along all its smooth flat edges. The light in the room was brilliant. Even the floor was white. Sitting in the chair, very casually, was a very masculine, elderly man. THIS WAS A REAL TIME EVENT.
He looked familiar somehow, and was wearing a light blue button down shirt, nicely tucked into soft- looking blue jeans. He wore plain black shoes. But His eyes…were sharp. Like blue crystal waters. As He sat looking at me, I seemed to fall into those eyes. They flashed purely, brilliantly. I was lost in them. He smiled gently at me and I felt his tender love flowing, holding me up.  All the love in my heart for HIM erupted in a huge tidal wave as we talked without words – without speaking. I knew His thoughts and He spoke to me of assignments, the future, and other things close to my heart – no words necessary. Then, overwhelmed with love for Him, I stood up. I wanted to go to Him. Embrace Him. I might have taken a step toward him…but instantly He STOOD in a white doorway that appeared behind Him out of nowhere.
Standing sideways in the half-opened door, He turned and smiled a very unfathomable smile. Not human – not angelic. 
I could not look into it.
All I knew was HIM.
Looking directly into my eyes, He said softly,
GO! - And Press More Oil.

Beloved of YAHUWAH, Dearest of the Most High, we must ALL GO AND PRESS MORE OIL. We must be strong, pressing in until the ego shatters and the Mayim Chayim (heavenly living waters – John 7:38) floods our body, soul and spirit. We must keep our feet to HIS Path for life, neither looking to the left nor to the right, pursuing His Purity - His deep waters. THEN, when the adversary comes in like a flood the RUACH of YAHUWAH shall lift up a standard against him – IF we have put on THE FULL ARMOR OF YAHUWAH! (Is 59: 17-19).
Bill and I pray you put on the Full Armor every day for yourself and your family. Thank you for allowing me to share this part of my spiritual journey here with you. I pray it encourages you to seek His Face, His Torah, His Son – Yahushua, Yah come in the flesh! HalleluYAH!
To learn more about Scriptural, spiritual equipping, the full armor of YAHUWAH and advanced spiritual warfare and intercession, watch Bill’s teaching, RESISTING UNTO BLOOD (DVD), or any of his many anointed teachings on our website at: http://www.withoneaccord.org!