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Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 1/18/2016 to Salads & Raw
Do you have extra or frozen cranberries on hand? Have you noticed that since the holidays are past, the price of organic cranberries has plummeted? This recipe takes those now-moderately priced brilliant red powerhouses and with your blender or food processor, makes them into a raw, deliciously tart treat your family will love alongside their favorite dinner. Or, eat this salad like Bill and I do - as a mid-afternoon snack to really lift our energy! This recipe comes from my Mom's original recipes, and I've been making it for years. It makes a family-sized amount, but you can always cut it in half for a smaller amount. Either way you're gonna' love this healthy quick recipe! We hope you like this raw salad as much as we do... 
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A Raw, Nourishing & Tasty Lift For Winter Doldrums! 

3 Cups Organic, freshly washed and sorted cranberries (remove any mushy ones)

2 Hard Organic Apples (Granny Smith or other tart apples for more zing, sweeter apples if desired)

1 Organic Orange

2 TBLS Organic Lemon Juice

Stevia, maple syrup or Organic raw sugar to taste

4 TLBS Raw Honey

* Divide into 2 batches for easier handling


Using a food processor, measure out roughly half of the cranberries.

Peal the apples and cut in half to core. Zest orange. Peel orange and cut in half.

Process 1 apple and ½ the orange, add 1 TLBS lemon juice, half the zest.

Add a few squirts of stevia and 2 TLBS honey and process until desired texture is achieved.

Remove and process the second batch.

Taste and add more sweeter to taste. ENJOY!

This is good when you keep it nice and tart!