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Cook Tempeh in the Instant Pot & BONUS BBQ Recipe!

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 5/2/2018 to Savory Meals
Tempeh is a healthy, fermented power-packed protein food made from organic soybeans. I discovered it about two years ago, and since learned to love the versatility it gives me in preparing plant based, delicious meals. Versatile as tofu, but with a more chewy, meat-like consistency, both Bill and I love it! Find out how easy it is to make a delicious plant-based 'meaty' BBQ in this step-by-step video

Learn how to use the Instant Pot to pressure cook Tempeh into that oh-so-perfect meal...FAST. As a SPECIAL BONUS, I prepare my special barbecue sauce/marinade that makes Tempeh into a delicious, sliceable plant-based main meal your family will love! Nom Nom!


Posted by by Mary Schnoebelen on 1/26/2018 to Savory Meals
No oil, added fat, gluten or sugar! Vegan Taste is outta’ this world!
One night after a long day last October, I threw some cooked sweet potatoes, onions, barely ripe saved-from-the-frost cherry tomatoes and about half a red pepper into the fry pan to ‘grill’ – and added them to some leftover brown rice (I like to cook my rice with onion powder and Better than Bouillon). But with the added veggies I had about 1/1/2-2 Cups of leftovers…what to do!

Craving something with a savory slow-cooked but fast recipe for dinner, I decided to whip up some veggie burgers for that fire-roasted flavor we love during Sukkot! When Bill tasted these his eyes got big…and several long minutes later, he told me they were the BEST veggie burgers he’d ever had! EVER. Praying your family enjoys them, too!


Posted by by Mary Schnoebelen on 5/1/2017 to Savory Meals
Another Pure & Simple Recipe for you dear Friends & Partners! 
Black Bean Chili in the Instant Pot
Plant-based - Vegan!

We're still working to bring Abba's Original Intent, Plant-Based eating plan of scripture to you through Dr. Bill's Teachings, my recipes, tips and now - cooking videos! This recipe is on YouTube on Dr. Bill's Channel under the category: Scriptural Health & Wellness.

I had a blast doing this and I plan more recipe adventures in the future. Praying you are blessed and inspired to collect a few more healthy, plant-based recipes and try them some night - you're family is gonna' love this chili! HALLELUYAH!


Posted by by Mary Schnoebelen on 2/11/2017 to Savory Meals
Bill and I love fried rice – but SLAM on the brakes! Fat is off our food list and for good reason. Eating just one hamburger or other meat or dairy product elevates the fat level in the blood within 30 minutes after a meal – and blocks the insulin receptors from doing their job. This means higher blood sugar levels that can lead to diabetes. Check out Dr. Greger’s video on lipid toxicity and how it causes insulin resistance, and why you should start thinking about lowering the fat in you diet!

So, my NO FAT ‘fried’ rice recipe has no oil or fat added BUT THE FLAVOR IS AMAZING and it DELICIOUS! Basically, we’re just going to use the Instant Pot to cook the rice and add some vegetables! Bill bought me an Instant Pot (IP) several months ago, and I've been creating my own recipes using this amazing, labor & time-saving, awesome cooking method with great satisfaction... but not to worry! If you don’t have an Instant Pot, the rice can be cooked on the stovetop. This method will yield the same wonderful, savory, no fat results!

Bill and I are SO very THANKFUL for everyone who has prayed & fasted with us for Abba’s ministry here at With One Accord. So many lives have been transformed - because YOU took the time to intercede, pray and share your precious finances for the work of Yahuwah! 


Posted by by Mary Schnoebelen on 1/11/2017 to Savory Meals
With gale force winds, freezing rain, snow and long cold evenings to look forward to, nothing says, ‘Ah, I’m hooomme!’ more than a cheezy, savory hot stew. I’m talking ‘taters’ and cheeze precious – cheezy rice and as many hearty root vegetables as you can fit into your oversized cooking pot! HalleluYAH!

Experimenting with different ways to bring the comfort of a non-dairy cheese into some of our winter meals has been a lot of fun! Both Bill and I want to avoid the fat, puss, drugs, excess hormones and cholesterol in regular cheese (not to mention the excruciating lactation-inducing painful drugs given to cows these days), so I’ve been working on a quick, EASY recipe that’s chock full of protein and bone-strengthening minerals that tastes amazing!  

Smoky Cheezy Sauce mixed over sautéed spinach and corn - they'll eat EVERY bite - GUARANTEED!         

Latkes * Savory, gluten, egg and grain free!

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/23/2016 to Savory Meals
Latkes * Savory, gluten, egg and grain free!
Savory Latkes
Savory, gluten, egg & grain free

This delicious latke recipe is totally plant based! Updated from the original posting in 2016, this simple latke recipe will keep them coming back for more! Using only a smidgen of the oil usually used for 'frying' traditional latkes, these tasty Hanukkah treats are golden and crunchy on the outside with the soft, savory flavors you've come to expect in a perfect latke. ENJOY!

Chunky Potato Chowder - Vegan!

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen (original recipe) on 12/4/2016 to Savory Meals
Baby, it's cold outside! After our first snow (think half a foot of freezing slush) and a hectic day, I wanted to treat Bill to a savory, filling comfort food meal. And guess what? It was a HUGE hit! He loved it! His silence made a statement...then he said, 'This is one of the most amazing things I've EVER eaten...!'


Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 2/3/2016 to Bakery
We've been having thunder snow, sleet and blizzard conditions here in Iowa. Not fun! 
But toward the end of my prayer time yesterday, Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) nudged me into the kitchen...well, the result is this amazing new Shepherd's Crusty Cheese-Herb Bread! What a wonderful surprise when Ruach intervenes and 'downloads' a fabulous new recipe! Many days, the recipe is for prayer...prayer for empowering weary warriors, those under attack from dark spiritual forces, and for many other oppressions but oftentimes, prayer for blessings, encouragement and empowering. But yesterday, the Word given to me was about the sanctification of the body through what we put into our temple, where the Creator of the universe resides.

As time allows I continue working on an article that might well end up being a book - a teaching about Purity and Power - and Obedience. But that endeavor is for another day! My prayer is that you and your family enjoy this DELICIOUS bread! And thank you for remembering With One Accord Ministries in your prayers and with your financial offerings and gifts - 
Shalom and Bless You!

Caribbean Roasted Lime Vegetables

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/26/2015 to Savory Meals

This dish wakens the palate with a Warm, Vibrant Tang!

Caribbean Roasted Lime Veggies is fast and delicious hearty comfort food with a bright 'snap' that doesn't overpower the palate. Bill said this was HANDS DOWN THE BEST SAUCE he's ever eaten in his life – and it can be added to ANY combination of vegetables! Occasionally when time is short, I even use 90% frozen (organic) veggies (see pic) and the dish was still amazing. But I don't take credit for this kitchen creation - Ruach inspired me BIG TIME on this one! Before making this dish, I'd never eaten a Caribbean flavor in my life!

Oh my, it's So Good! Enjoy!