Dear Bill & Mary, What a fun surprise!  A box full of a wide variety of [food] items.  Thank you.  So very, very much.  What you did not know is that a few hours after you said you were going to send me a box, I decided to order a small box, too.  Then I prayed as I selected each and every one of my items.  Asking Abba Father to keep me from duplicating what you were sending my way.  There was NO duplication.  So if you add both boxes together, I am well stocked.


I have never tried the Kind bars with cherries but that was the flavor I was struggling with in terms of my own decision.  Abba Father knew you had chosen the cherries.  So I chose the dark chocolate.  I thought of buying a box of cereal and a bag of rice but did NOT do so.  Looks like you read my mind, Mary.  All in all it is a fun selection of items that are healthy, too.  With what I do have left and what we both purchased, I am well stocked.


So the box was A HUGE SUCCESS.  Thankfully both your box and mine arrived today.  I was told that my box would not land until Tuesday.  Thanks for your packages, emails, prayers and words of encouragement.  It has been a REALLY ROUGH MONTH and all of the above has made A BIG DIFFERENCE.  Now — what do I want to sample FIRST from your box of goodies????  Yum. PF


Very much worth a read (the November 2018 issue of The LIBERATOR page, CRITICAL PRAYER POINTS FOR SPIRITUAL WARFARE & INTERCESSIONB.D.


Thank you so much for the Fire on the Altar teaching. You said so much I've never heard.  I need to listen to it again.  Thanks again and God bless you. J.P.


I absolutely love Bill's teaching on these issues. He was fully immersed and saw and practiced the inner workings of these pagan days. Praise Yahweh for the freedom HE gave him and the new life that has been restored to him. Your ministry has been such a blessing in my husband and my life!!! Thank you both and praise Yahweh!!!! S.A.


I just wanted to express my gratitude for your work in furthering the kingdom of our God YHWH - you are doing a great work in teaching the truth as it is, as well as staying bible focused in teaching - I pray that our Lord will continue to strengthen you and bless you with heavenly gifts for our next life in the future through your work here in this world - please be strengthened and encouraged as you are a vital resource for many! E.P.


Thank you for sharing, Mary [Prayer to Put on the FULL ARMOUR OF YAHUWAH]... Dr. Bill has helped me more than you know. Shalom Shalom ??Baruch Ha’Shem Yahuwah ?P.M.

Hi I just wanted to say thank you for helping me on my faith transition. I knew I had to leave the Mormon church after watching the temple of doom. I can’t thank you enough. God bless you! ~ T.R.


Mary, I want to thank you and Bill for presenting the truth about the works of Darkness without glorifying it. - Anon

I am currently watching this video (EMOTIONAL HEALING & GENERATIONALWOUNDS II) and I'm in tears. This was a much needed video for this season of my life. Thank you so much for all that you and Bill do and for making this video. DT

Thank you Mary for (Dr. Bill’s EMOTIONAL HEALING & GENERATIONAL WOUNDS 2) this is perfect timing. I feel it was meant for me to come across this because I suffer they say from (I'm not claiming it) muscular dystrophy and they keep wanting to put me on medication which I refuse to take, and I was actually questioning this morning why I am even sick with a chronic disease like this anyhow wondering if it could be due to sin or is it possibly a generational curse because I was adopted and I know I came from some very ugly roots. Anyhow thank you hoping this will help. F.D.
Thank you, Dr. William & Mary, for this new teaching. I feel this information is so important in this day with so many fractured homes and people not knowing about their ancestry. Knowing that there are ways to overcome the evil in our lives we may not even be aware of is so powerful! N.T.

Thanks SO MUCH for your prayers.  Each day brings less fear.  More time filled with peace and hope for the future. PF
Pastor, Teacher, Rabbi; Thank You for his wife, and family who stand, and kneel in Spirit with him. May Your Goodness, and Mercy flow sweetly through his life, for the purposes You design for him. Diligence has marked his life in many avenues. Thank You that *the prayers of a righteous man availith much." Make evident the path for this Ministry, because *You open Your Hand to satisfy the needs of Every Living Thing. Jesus Saviour King Deliverer,
Baruch Hashem! RC
Thank you for the powerful prayers and videos. You are making a difference and I share your material with everyone who needs help. Thank you, much love in Jesus our Yeshua G.M.
Your work (prayers) freed me from wine and legally prescribed opiates, taken for over 20 years, due to a multilevel fusion and various other spine deformities – Thank You!!! Your teachings have slapped us upside the head with your profound faith and strength – finally, we are on the right course setting. We pray for you and Mary’s safety and health in the name of Yahushua! A & PT
Another fantastically informational and helpful vid (Generational Wounds & Ancestral Curses) from Dr. Bill. - KK
Thank you, Dr. William & Mary, for this new teaching (Generational Wounds & Ancestral Curses). I feel this information is so important in this day with so many fractured homes and people not knowing about their ancestry. Knowing that there are ways to overcome the evil in our lives we may not even be aware of is so powerful! – N.W.
I do not know specifically where to begin with what I am about to write, so I’ll introduce myself. I am CJB. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I am and come from a people called Inupiaq.
I was baptized in a church on May 13, 2007. My testimony has several aspects to it but I’ll keep general for now. God changed my life in wonderful, beautiful loving ways. I was eventually lead back to college in less than a year after graduation. I met a man on campus, who would become my mentor and eventually teach and disciple me in a campus ministry he founded. Our relationship eventually dissolved but I stayed in college. I was reintroduced into the ministry by a fellow student who was a mentee of my former mentor; but my former mentor refused to disciple me himself.
I had about three semesters left until I graduated with my degree when the relationship with my fellow students I walked in ministry with began to dissolve. I did not know it at the time but these people I was walking in ministry with was using witchcraft against me. How I found this out was through research after I received a prayer from a different campus ministry. The prayer was called “Restoring the Fragmented Soul.” I read the prayer and I was in shock. I started doing research on this subject and I was heartbroken. These people I loved like brothers and sisters were doing these evil and destructive things to me.
I graduated in December of 2013 and I moved back to Alaska but the damage was done. The man who left Alaska in August of 2008 on fire, completely filled with Holy Spirit, prayer warrior, and excited about his future and education with all of the possibilities God had planned for him; returned back to Alaska heartbroken, hopeless, and full of witchcraft and demons the people he walked in ministry with used against him.
I am writing you because I have been up all night. Not able to sleep because everything I have been trying to fighting against after I left Kansas when I graduated was defeating and somehow able return every time and I could never figure it out. No matter how much I fasted and prayed, I just could never seem to experience the freedom like I had experienced before.
In December of 2016, I was listening to and worshiping to songs worship on YouTube. A song happened to show up in my YouTube feed called Gadol Adonai, then another song called Fire of Your Spirit. I listened to and began to worship with these two songs. To my amazement, I began to experience some freedom. Then I started adding a few words from the songs to my prayers and I began to experience more freedom. Then God put it on my heart to refer to Jesus as Yeshua (sorry, I don’t know if I’m spelling His name right). I do feel God is leading me to learn Hebrew sometime.
Last week, I came across one of your videos, thank God. I watched another one last night. Then I went this website and found the prayers. I started praying a few of them. I have not felt this much freedom in almost 9 years.My former mentor started witchcraft and Charismatic Witchcraft against me when he noticed how God gifted me.
God bless you Bill.
My sister introduced me to your ministry...Your story has completely opened my eyes...I started downloading your books and sermons...Totally loving it...thank youGod bless...M.G.
Thank you for your note and prayers for me. Your personal ministry is a meaningful touch to many who feel lost in life. CS
My aunt and I were discussing our situations and we were remember what you two did for me last year.  I want to thank you once again.  My aunt reminds me of it on a fairly regular basis.  When things feel too overwhelming and too difficult for me she reminds me that "I owe it to all those people to keep plugging at it....".  She is amazing like that.
I believe I am where Abba wants me for the time being.  He has given me supernatural strength to do this, a higher thresh hold of stress than I have ever had in my life, and the best health I have every enjoyed in my entire life.  That time I had off was a complete game changer for me. Pat

I have been a Pastor for 18 years and God has directed me to you. I can’t get enough of your teachings, videos and prayer documents. They have helped me and the region I live in immensely. C.M.
Excellent teaching for awareness & call to prayer!! Bless you! Anne
Just wanted to tell WS that I've watched Bill's youtube video on polygamy posted in February and was most impressed with the content. I've watched his videos for a couple of years now, and found them very interesting. As an ex-Mormon, I can say that he presents the Mormon religion with more accuracy than almost any commentators on the religion, who were not "born in the covenant". His video was an extremely humane treatment of this topic.  I'm not currently interested in finding another religion, but just wanted to thank WS for an excellent presentation. Lisa


Dear Mary,

I am literally watching Bills new video 'as we speak'  Thanks for your reply, and I will surely renounce all the pledges mentioned. I did the full deliverance a couple of months ago, and it was the second best thing I ever did (apart from getting born again). I sent you an extra donation after the deliverance back then, because I was so happy with the extreme relief. Thanks again for your loving reply, and may God bless you both and your work, BD

Hi William, I listen to your words a lot and am really blessed by your teachings. I was attacked last night in bed by a supernatural being. But I used your teachings and the prayers from your site and was able to get victory. Thank you much for your love for the Lord and teaching us the things you do. It really helped me last night. – A.B.


Bill and Mary, I am enjoying your teachings very much. I have just recently become acquainted with your work. Praying for your protection constantly. I myself am from a freemason, satanic lineage. Your testimony is very encouraging that even those deeply deceived in satanism can be delivered. Your prayers online have helped me get victory over the dark evil of the Lodge. Please pray for my family and me as well. – M.B.


Hi, I have been listening to your YouTube videos and now it all make sense to me. I have been a Christian all my life. Your messages are true and you have helped me make sense of the terrible things in my past. Your ministry has led me to victory in Christ. – W.P.


So much to be thankful for! Dr. Bill, your YouTube video teachings have really opened my eyes and the eyes of my family! In the past we were LDS, but thanks to your teachings we have renounced the Church and are now saved and set free. Jesus (the REAL one) is glorious and saves to the uttermost. Thanks from the bottom of our heart! We pray for you and Mary every single day! Keep the good stuff coming! – E.G.


We have LOVED your work, Bill, for DECADES and have many of your books. I am terminal cancer conqueror AFTER the failure of oncology. The walking miracle of the Word. Your spiritual journey to find Yahuwah and Yahushua is utterly amazing as I have also "come home" during my cancer battle to find the depths of churchianity's deception and the truth lying outside of that religion.I was a worship leader, psalmist, recording musician at a 7000 member church in Dallas but now am in preparation for a Netzari music ministry when Father opens that door. I would delight to share with you....as I grow out this blonde beard! HalleluYAH! – M.E.

I wanted to share a praise report! My husband has started listening to Dr. Bill's teachings and reading the Liberator. This is so important because my home has been like one ball of wires from the video game systems and TV's. I would rip every one out of my home if I could! For the last year so, I rarely watch anything. It makes it difficult for me to watch them like zombies in front of the TV knowing we are in such an hour as this. My son was a gamer of magic cards and D&D most of his life. He hasn't gotten rid of the books or cards, but has made a decision to get rid of them. Please stand in prayer with me that he closes these doors. ~ Anon

These prayers are packed with holy spirit washing, flame igniting, light healing, salt wounding, angelic demon busting power to heal and deliver you wherever you are in life. I recommend the full deliverance prayer once a month. RR

Dear Dr. Bill and Mary,
Just a short note of appreciation for not only adding me to your mailing list but also the great resources on your WOAM for the liberation of souls! Your diligent and persistent work in keeping our pathway back to Yahuwah clear and unobstructed. The "old two steps forward and four steps back dosey-doe dance" of the New Age spiritual walk is avoidable IF the steps you outline on your website are followed. My husband and I have searched since we married in 1974 for our Living Father and His Living Son. You understand the forces that molded that time better than anyone we know. We had latched onto the poison of SRF (Yogananda) in 1975 and sat twice daily at our family altar (with Yeshua right in the middle of the Gurus). That false kriya strewn trail came tumbling down around January 1, 2018, when the truth finally precipitated--The KJV Bible is the TRUTH! That fundamental simple truth had been deliberately hidden from our boomer brains by this particular doctrine of demons. After seriously examining all the background of SRF we discovered that it was just another Mormon franchise probably run right out of SLC by the Masons.

Bill, you and Mary are so sincere and loving in all the work you do that if I tithed a dollar on the number of times I watched and re-watched your videos I would probably owe you a couple thousand dollars. Many nights during the real intense attacks when I felt so weak I just listened to your videos and said Yeshua's name. I am more convinced than ever that most physical illnesses are rooted in generational sins and demonic activity. 

Our family is more committed than ever to the Bible. We pray together twice a day and that includes reading through the Bible which is resuscitating our tired souls. And to imagine this is only the beginning - All gratitude to Abba Father and His true and Living Son not to mention the Ruach ha Qodesh. Yours in growing faith in Yeshua, A.

Thank you Mary Schnoebelen! I have gone full plant based diet now and am feeling so much better already. I have felt God's supernatural power helping me to make this change. :) He is so good. Brandy

Thank you so much for sending this out (Prayer During Dark Days)! My believing friends and I have been feeling such a burden recently, and yesterday we discovered that's it's probably because of being the few days around the solstice. R.H.


Good to hear from you, Bill. I've introduced you to two new email friends. Blessings on you & your wife! interesting to read about dispersal of the 10 tribes! AB


Dear William and Mary

Be blessed! I finally gave a little amount but with all my heart. I have read so much of your resources and been blessed. Thanks for alerting us with your knowledge and wisdom and Master Jesus’ love in your teachings. I live with my husband and children in France, the city of Love (not the real love...). I read your book telling your story and definitely was convicted when I heard your conference in the prophecy club explaining the work of satan since the beginning. I have sent this youtube so many times to so many friends... There's been a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ since I  heard you. I cannot see life, events, media information the way i used to see things before. Of course I have Jesus eyes and his Spirit living in me, but now I see the work of the evil and I see this generation falling down and completely blind BUT Our Lord has overcome - what a joy! BUT christians need to know SO thank you thank you for all of your efforts and perspective and dedication to the cause of Christ!!!! never give up and rest assured that the Body of Christ is following you!!!

With all my affection in Christ, Anne

I just wanted to thank you so much for the article you wrote on dungeons and dragons. My son came home saying they are planning to play the game at school and although I wasn't sure why I had immediate concerns. Thankfully I found your article that clearly explains everything in a factual way and I am very greatful to feel better equipped to explain my reasoning to my child and possibly his teacher should the opportunity arise. Thank you. Anon

Greetings Dr. William Schnoebelen, 
I appreciate you taking the time to respond back. I guess there must be a reason why BLOOD ON THE DOORPOSTS book is back ordered! I’d like to take this opportunity to commend you on your work sir.  (I didn’t think it would be you who would be responding back to my email inquiry). I have learned a tremendous amount from your speeches and teachings. No exaggeration, whether I’m driving to work, to school, in the library or just studying, I have watched/listened most of your videos, some multiple times over. (I will concede that the majority of the material I watched was on youtube.) I have SO MANY questions but I am sure the books will help and also I’m sure you are very busy with your work as well. Nonetheless, thank you for your time sir and I look forward to your books. In Yahweh’s name - David

Mary, I just finished listening to Bill's message I am so blessed and humbled before YAH. Thank you for these mighty prayers. I know most of them, and they touch my spirit deeply..YAH bless and keep you both. JBR

If any one is anointed, and knows about spiritual warfare, it is most definitely, Dr. Bill! M.B.

Shabbat Shalom Mary and Dr Bill. Just finish watching 'the battle axe of YHWH."Thank you very much for teaching us. - M.L.

I'm listening to Bills teaching on Battle Axe of Yahuwah right now it's so GOOD! :) No matter what teaching it is he always makes me laugh with a phrase he uses or something- I really enjoy listening he uses easy words that keep my attention & don't confuse me or cause me to daydream off! MH

Thank you so much [For Prayers on the website.]. I have prayed them before but it's been awhile and it's time to print them out and do them more often! For about 6 months this past year I had a crippling spirit of fear...I asked Mary Schnoebelen what to do...she told me to read your BOTD book, among a few other things..like cast out the spirit of fear. It's been several months and I have been a completely different person.Your ministry is so invaluable to me...I pray whenever I see you ask. You guys have made a prayer warrior out of me...thank you, thank you, thank you. I am seeing the POWER of God for the first time in my life. S.T.

Hello Mary! My Husband and I have recently found With One Accord Ministries. It has been a BLESSING to our family! Your willingness to speak truth has changed our lives. Thank you! I'm prayerfully seeking the Ruach to lead me in making decisions to be a set apart woman of Yahuwah. May I ask your opinion on ear piercings? I am desperately seeking truth. Thanks in advance! Anon

Bill and Mary
again I want to thank you for your exposing of the works of the adversary and giving believers the tools to be victorious and may El Elyon (the Most High) richly bless you both and your minsitry. It helps parents and grandparents to be on the alert during these dark times on the planet. PM
(Feb 2016) Regarding Bill's teaching, DARK LIGHTS OF CANDLEMAS

Bro. Bill
thank you for such a succinct and easily understood summary of the topic. It clears any confusion surrounding this issue in a short, accurate exposition of it from scripture. PM
(Feb 2016) Regarding Bill's teaching, Did the Cross Do Away with Torah?

(Jan 2016) Regarding Bill's video: Are There Christian Witches?

Thank You for the Tzit Tzit rebuttal.  I looked up the Tzit Tzit after Rabbi Bills teaching and I was puzzuled.  I could not believe not believe it either when I saw the source of that dye (I could not believe Abba was usuing an unclean source for the blue dye.)  Also that Roman edict concerning the color blue was straight from Satan designed to attack any Jewish or Christian believer strictly observing the Torah.
Thanks, Pat
(Jan 2016) Regarding Bill's video regarding the Tzit Tzit commandment, Tzit Tzit - Sapphire Fringes of Covenant!

Thank you for letting Messiah's Body know to lift up prayers against evil and for protection for YHWH's children.
Blessings to you for your faithful service and love in Yahshua's Name!!! Your sister Antonina
(Jan 2016)

Thanks! The ministry Yaheweh has given you has blessed me spiritually. AS 
(Jan 2016)

I was so blessed by this teaching.  Every day I pray that Abba covers me with his feathers and hides me underneath his wings...?
(Dec 2015) Regarding Bill's video, TALLIT: The REAL War Room!

Thank YOU, Brother, for this brilliant lesson in truth. I enjoy keeping the Sabbath as a kind of memorial to how well I have conducted my work week and all my weekly accomplishment in Him. JM 
(Jan 2016) regarding Bill's Teaching, Did the Cross Do Away with Torah?

Thank you so much, Bill, for reminding us what this pagan holiday is all about.  Appreciate it! JH
(DEC 2015) Regarding Bill's video The Krampus & Kris-Mess

Dear Bill & Mary…I hope all finds you and yours well. Things are still changing for the better in my life since you prayed for me concerning the sorcery attacks…I know that YHVH must be pleased with you both. satan only spits on those who have successfully insulted him and damaged his kingdom. Congratulations on a job well done! Remember that every time you are cursed at by others, you have cut him deep…not many can accomplish this feat. I think you are making G-d smile real hard about now. Let that light of yours continue to shine bright. Keep up the good work. Whatever I end up accomplishing for our Lord in this life, you both will share in the reward for all of your help. May the peace, love, grace and joy of our Mighty Elohim be upon you. Gratefully in Him, Ellen    

Thank you very much for allowing God to use you to weave together a fabric of information - so I can finally understand who the Jesuits are , where they came from, and who they are involved with.  Sincerely, JS

Dear Mary, Oh how the Lord loves me, your email brought tears to my eyes. Proverbs 25:11....A word fitly spoken is like apples of goal in pictures of silver. Just at the right time this morning. Just at the right moment, I received your note. You could not have known my need other than your faithful following of the Lord's prompting. Thank you so much Mary for your faithfulness to our Lord and Messiah, Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord! Because He Live, we do too. You and Bill are always in my prayers. DD

Dear William and Mary, I more than love this book [BLOOD ON THE DOORPOSTS]!! I am on chapter 7 now. I really wish someone would have put it in my hands 10 years ago!! As a SRA/MPD ritual abuse survivor I rate this the number ONE book in healing and recovery. I have read hundreds of books on this healing journey and I rate this one #1 for survivors of SRA/MPD. I am in contact with many other survivors and have recommended it to them!! It really is a must read for all survivors of SRA!! Thanks so much for writing this book, William!! May Yahuwah Bless You! – D.S.

Shalom Bill & Mary, Just wanted to let you know that we tried your "no-crust pumpkin pie" (which we call "pumpkin mousse"), & it was so delicious!  We've made it 3 times, & for different relatives/friends, & ALL of them have HIGHLY praised the taste & good, healthy ingredients.  Toda raba for sharing it with us!!! May Yahuweh Bless You, A & G