Text to Give

To Our With One Accord Ministries’ Family – YOUR Prayers & Gifts Uphold this Ministry! 

 First, we want to THANK YOU for your loving, faithful PRAYERS & SUPPORT. Your standing with us in these End-Times means that TOGETHER we’re able to reach thousands - SO MANY MORE ENCOUNTER THE TRUTH’s OF YAH’S KINGDOM than we ever thought possible. THANK YOU BELOVED OF YAH!

We are excited to announce that now there is a way for you to make DONATIONS to WOAM that DOES NOT involve PayPal. Many of you have reported difficulties with giving through PayPal and of course, they have raised their fees which decreases your ministry support substantially.

This method is TEXT to GIVE. You will need a phone you can send texts through (Apple, Android, etc.). The fee WOAM pays for this secure, encrypted service is less than what PayPal charges! Here is how it works. We have our unique 800#: 844-948-3923
1. Text WOAM’s number 
2. To give a specific amount text: GIVE 25 
3. To give to a specific purpose, such as our fund for helping the unfortunate (Living Waters Outreach), type: GIVE 25 NEEDY 

Now, the first time (and only) you do this you will be given a link that takes you to our SECURE accounting website. There you will set up your account which usually takes about three minutes. By clicking on the link, you will be asked to provide:
• Basic contact information that will be automatically added to WOAM’s database (which we NEVER share with anyone) 
• Confirm the gift amount and the purpose (GENERAL or NEEDY) 
• SPECIFY if it is a one-time donation OR a recurring gift 
• Enter a payment method (bank account or credit card) into the form (it is totally encrypted and PCI compliant) 
• Additionally, you will be given the opportunity (optional) to pay the small fee (usually around 1%) which the Ministry would normally pay. 

After submitting the form, you will receive a text confirmation of your first gift along with an email receipt. You will also receive an invitation to review your MyApolos account (optional), which is a secure portal where you will be able to view your giving history and manage your giving. 

You only have to do this the first time. 
After that, you just text the 800# and then GIVE (amount) or GIVE (amount) NEEDY. 
If you change your mind, you can text UNDO for up to 15 minutes after your initial gift message. 

If you wish to make it recurring, just type RECURRING. You can schedule the gift to occur weekly or monthly. You will receive a link in a text to a form where you can confirm your giving schedule. We are excited about this, because it will get us out from under PayPal and its increasing censoring of Christian sites and it will also make MUCH LESS work for our beleaguered book-keeping staff (Dr. Bill). 

 Dr. Bill & Mary Schnoebelen