With One Accord

Witchcraft, Mormonism, Freemasonry, UFO cults, and even Satanism. There are a lot of competing ideas out there in the religious marketplace. One's choice of spirituality is certainly the most important decision we can make. Yet, religions are not quite like cars or houses. They are abstract. How do you "kick the tires" before you buy into one?

With One Accord is dedicated to spiritual truth (John 14:6) and to spreading the saving, liberating and healing message of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to help the ordinary, good-hearted seeker after spiritual truth "kick the tires" before investing their life and energy into a spiritual path that may be leading in the wrong direction. There are solid, objective ways to determine the right spiritual path and through our ministry we want to share them with as many as possible. Jesus came that we might have life, not bondage.

We are His servants, and want to share the joy of Jesus and His unconditional love for you and all humanity. In 1986, Aletheia Ministries (after the Greek word for truth) was started by Bill and Sharon Schnoebelen. In 1991, we renamed it "With One Accord" to better reflect the mission which God has given us - to help bring healing and unity to a troubled and dying world, healing which can only come through the Cross of Calvary.

We are now an international ministry which touches many different nations, and we invite you to join us.