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When There's Nothing Left

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen, With One Accord Ministries ©2018 on 11/7/2018 to Biblical Teachings
Over the years we’ve ministered to many of Abba's 'walking wounded' filled with inconsolable sorrow (Gal. 6:2)…hearing their sobs reminds us that earth is NOT our home, we are spiritual beings here for a short time, we all need each other and there is much work to be done only the Almighty can accomplish. As a brother and sister in Messiah, we’ve cried and grieved alongside these precious souls and it has taught us that HIS LOVE is, indeed, the greatest Gift of all (I Cor. 13:13). So why are so many Believer's tormented by their past? How can they BREAK FREE, and find true shalom and the victory we are all called to? And what about those called to ministry or intercession - What can they do to protect themselves EMOTIONALLY and not get bogged down in the crisis or emotional wreckage of others? In this article I share some insights I've gained over the years and a little of my personal testimony...