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Caribbean Roasted Lime Vegetables

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/26/2015 to Savory Meals

This dish wakens the palate with a Warm, Vibrant Tang!

Caribbean Roasted Lime Veggies is fast and delicious hearty comfort food with a bright 'snap' that doesn't overpower the palate. Bill said this was HANDS DOWN THE BEST SAUCE he's ever eaten in his life – and it can be added to ANY combination of vegetables! Occasionally when time is short, I even use 90% frozen (organic) veggies (see pic) and the dish was still amazing. But I don't take credit for this kitchen creation - Ruach inspired me BIG TIME on this one! Before making this dish, I'd never eaten a Caribbean flavor in my life!

Oh my, it's So Good! Enjoy!

Chunky Apple Ginger Sauce

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/22/2015 to Bakery

Making your own chunky applesauce is really the only way to go if you love this traditional snack! Oh sure, it takes a little time and of course, the investment of labour and organic apples. But in no time at all, you'll have the sweetest, antioxidant rich treat for those cold mornings when the oatmeal tastes a little bland or your favorite muffin could use a boost of flavor! I love this recipe because it's 'kicked up a notch' with ginger and cinnamon - two of the best spices for lowering/regulating blood sugar and calming the stomach. And the smell...wow! I use this topping on my Apple Ginger Cinnamon Cake and on my Apple Spice Muffins. But I have plans to make more for snacking and to garnish our vegan dinner plates! YUM!

Apple Ginger Cinnamon Cake

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/19/2015 to Bakery
Baby, it's cold outside! When the family gathers into the kitchen (and they always do!) after a healthy walk or outdoor activity, this is the cake that'll keep them coming back to the kitchen. Moist, lightly sweet and full of ginger and cinnamon, this is THE cake for the holidays. Top-loaded with homemade chunky applesauce and finished with just a wee bit of glaze, this plate o' love will burn brightly in their memories for a long, long time. Ginger has always been a family favorite, so it takes a VERY special ginger dessert to tempt those who know and love Mom's Triple Ginger Cookies (to be posted soon in Heritage Recipes). But the inside of this cake is moist, and just melts on the tongue - while the outer rim of crust is ever-so-slightly chewy (like a soft cookie) and guess what? Even the toughest taste testers loved it! HalleluYAH!

If this inspired recipe brings you and your family noshing joy, please remember With One Accord Ministries with a small gift - Thank You for Your Prayers and Donations!     


Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/17/2015 to Breakfast & Snacks
Plant based, gluten free, refined sugar free, egg free and totally addictive!
This amazing recipe fills all the nooks and crannies of a home-style eggnog plus adds the rich texture of pudding or pie filling. Enjoy as a healthy snack, or use as a topping for oatmeal, warmed slightly over chunky applesauce or pie, or in plant based muffins for a moist, rich texture. If you love eggnog, this is for you!

For those pursuing a grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle, this comfort food also fills the tummy with the goodness of chia’s protein and coconut milk, and it keeps very well. Downsize the recipe to make a smaller amount to try it the first time – but you’ll wish you hadn’t! YEAH, it’s that good. This is an original copyrighted recipe given by Ruach haQodesh for the people of Yahuwah! Thank you for your gifts & donations to With One Accord Ministries. Check my Blog for the latest recipes and tips on set apart, healthy living! 

Anise Ginger Cookies

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/13/2015 to Bakery
Anise Ginger Cookies
Paleo (with eggs) OR Plant Based - Gluten & Wheat Free!
Soft in texture with intense, warming spices  

Holidays are a special time for baking with warming spices like anise and ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. Foods made with these aromatic plant extracts bring ordinary foods to life - and are used by cooks all over the world to enhance the flavor of their main dishes as well as holiday pastries, pies, cakes and cookies! Growing up, my mother's kitchen always smelled of Rugelah, sugar and chocolate cookies...molasses, ginger and biscotti from Thanksgiving through the year's end! Oh my...sometimes she'd have 20 different kinds of cookies piled up as I walked through the door after school! The smell was nothing less than heavenly. But mom's favorite cookie was anise biscotti - the smell so pungent that when I get a whiff of it now the memories come back in mouth-watering clarity...I loved her perfect, lightly golden cookies! And Mom's cookies were never hard like commercial biscotti - they were softer, more delicate and just melted on your tongue. So with that in mind I created this once-baked (rather than twice-baked like traditional biscotti) anise cookie. This recipe can be made Paleo (using eggs) or egg free. Either way it's Gluten & Grain Free, and will fill your kitchen with delicious memories that will last a lifetime!

HEADCOVERINGS Obedience - it's Miraculous!

Posted by by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/8/2015 to Biblical Teachings
This is my personal testimony concerning headcoverings for women…the Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit) has inspired me to minister to women the spiritual revelations, authority and divine strength available to them through obedience to the Word of Yahuwah. This is what I have been shown through the scriptures, sound Biblical teachings and the Ruach about this somewhat controversial subject. It can make all the difference in the power of a woman’s (or man’s) spiritual life! And remember, the power of the Almighty - especially manifested in a woman’s life - ALWAYS stirs controversy from the unfortunate and widespread misinterpretation of Scripture. 

Kale Tabouli Salad

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/8/2015 to Salads & Raw
Kale Tabouli Salad
Low oil, no Gluten!

This salad brings a sweet & savory crunch to the plate with a refreshing, nutritious mix of greens and vegetables. This is a great Mediterranean dish I have adapted to suit our dietary needs. NO GLUTEN. I prefer to blanch the kale and cook the quinoa one day, refrigerate those to chill, and prepare the salad the following day. It works for me because I don't have long periods of time to fuss when we want a delicious alternative to plain salad, and blanching makes it a more tender meal!

Cinnamon Spice Cranberry Muffins * Free of Oil, grains & gluten!

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 12/2/2015 to Bakery
Cinnamon Spice Cranberry Muffins * Free of Oil, grains & gluten!

CINNAMON SPICE CRANBERRY MUFFINS Free of oil, grains and gluten!

These muffins just burst with moist, subtle spicey flavor! For a healthy breakfast or snack they go the distance with an irresistible undertone of sweetness that doesn't overwhelm a sensitive palate! Just right for those cold mornings with a favorite cup of Earl Grey of mocha!