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Posted by by Mary Schnoebelen on 3/16/2016 to Salads & Raw
I like to save time by using canned organic beans, and stock up when they’re on sale. (You can also use dried beans. They’re the least expensive. Just soak overnight in the frig, cook, cool and use as you would any canned bean!) And don’t forget the black olives – they are the key to this delicious recipe! If you prefer green olives, use those.

For this salad, use at least 3-4 different types of beans – I’ve listed our favorites but you can change up this recipe to whatever your family likes the best, too. Ingredients for the Brine are measured here for canned beans (in at least 12 oz cans). This Brine also makes a DECLICIOUS vinaigrette salad dressing. As a matter of fact, Bill and I usually put our bean salad over our leafy greens – it’s so good! I always try and use two cans of black beans because they’re SO VERY HEALTHY for you and they taste wonderful…this recipe makes a huge amount of salad BTW - but if you have a large family or eat it every day like we do – this recipe is jussst right!  

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Creamy Oriental Coleslaw Dressing

Posted by Adapted by Mary Schnoebelen (original recipe by Maria Merolda Wold) on 3/10/2016 to Salads & Raw
Are you hungry for change? Me too! After a long dreary winter, most of us are. Politics aside, I’ve been longing for more fresh air – more sunshine! Praise YAH spring HAS sprung! HalleluYAH! That means a venturing outside to enjoy the gifts YAHUWAH has blessed us with – maybe plant a garden? Dig up the weeds we didn’t quite get to last autumn? Any excuse to be outdoors seems good enough! But we’re all busy, too. It all takes time. 

So with that in mind, here’s a quick and easy recipe for some of the best Plant-Based Creamy Cole Slaw Dressing EVER…! My friend, Maria Merola Wold, shared her recipe on Facebook for an Oriental Coleslaw Dressing, and I simply had to try it! In order to avoid a trip to the grocery store I changed up some of the ingredients and instead, just used what I had on hand –HalleluYAH! Since avocados are less expensive this time of year (and delicious!), I decided to use them as a base for texture. Plus, avocados are delicious and VERY RICH in omega oils! They will slightly diminish the bright green color of the cabbage, but it's ALL ABOUT TASTE & NUTRITION in this house! My take on this Coleslaw dressing is creamy with a light tang, slightly sweet, and yes - the hint of peanut butter surprise keeps ‘em coming back for more! Bill just LOVES this dressing – Thank You Maria!