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Cook Tempeh in the Instant Pot & BONUS BBQ Recipe!

Posted by Mary Schnoebelen on 5/2/2018 to Savory Meals
Tempeh is a healthy, fermented power-packed protein food made from organic soybeans. I discovered it about two years ago, and since learned to love the versatility it gives me in preparing plant based, delicious meals. Versatile as tofu, but with a more chewy, meat-like consistency, both Bill and I love it! Find out how easy it is to make a delicious plant-based 'meaty' BBQ in this step-by-step video

Learn how to use the Instant Pot to pressure cook Tempeh into that oh-so-perfect meal...FAST. As a SPECIAL BONUS, I prepare my special barbecue sauce/marinade that makes Tempeh into a delicious, sliceable plant-based main meal your family will love! Nom Nom!