Shattering Strongholds of ADDICTION

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Are there demonic entities and wicked spiritual powers behind Addiction? If so, what are they? In this explosive DVD teaching, Shattering Strongholds of ADDICTION, Dr. Schnoebelen, N.D., shares Scriptural foundations for deliverance, liberation and emotional healing from the real culprits behind tormenting Addictions and their crippling behaviors. Learn how to discern symptoms (especially in youth) of the devastating cycle of abuse and find out why most Addiction counselors and the medical community fail. Discover the way to freedom when vain philosophies and unrighteous headship authority fails! Join Dr. Bill as he presents this anointed teaching from With One Accord Ministries – and boldly take hold of liberation, freedom and emotional healing from Addiction through obedience to Yahuwah’s Scriptures and our Saviour’s Resurrection Authority!
Gain Yahushua’s Resurrection Liberation and healing from:

Food, Gaming, Pornography, Gambling, Digital, 
Drugs, Alcohol, Occult Power & witchcraft, 
Pharmakeia and sex addictions.

Dr. Schnoebelen is founder of With One Accord Ministries and a fervent teacher of the Truths of Scripture and a Biblical apologist. Since his salvation and deliverance from witchcraft, satanism and the occult in 1984, he has dedicated his life to bringing the full prophetic power of Yahuwah’s Word to His Set Apart people, calling the lost to repentance and salvation, and exposing cults in these End Times. The author of hundreds of teachings, eight books and multiple DVDs, he has traveled the world sharing the good news of Yahushua Messiah and preached across many venues, including TV, radio, magazines, books, YouTube, live internet broadcasts, in congregations and wherever Yahuwah leads him. A prophetic teacher with multiple certifications in Substance Abuse Counseling and five years laboring as an addictions counselor, Dr. Bill has keen insight to help you and your family shatter the strongholds of Addiction!